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LEXION 770 - 750

Engine and Running gear.

Selected Perkins premium engines ensure outstanding power delivery with low fuel consumption. The mechanical electronic unit injection (MEUI) system means you can rely on the drive technology in the LEXION to deliver sustained, productive performance with ease, even under difficult field conditions.


LEXION 770 - 750

Engine and Running gear.

Selected Perkins premium engines ensure outstanding power delivery with low fuel consumption. The mechanical electronic unit injection (MEUI) system means you can rely on the drive technology in the LEXION to deliver sustained, productive performance with ease, even under difficult field conditions.

Engine and Running gear.


More power reserves.

The facts.

  • Perkins 2206 D, 12.5 l
  • Six-cylinder in-line layout
  • Emissions standard Stage IIIA (Tier 3)
  • Full CLAAS Service integration
  • Fuel tank and auxiliary fuel tank with a total capacity of 1,150 l
  • High torque
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Optimal power transmission

Planar dust extraction.

A reliable system: with planar dust extraction, the LEXION benefits from high-performance cooling and comfortable reserves of cooling capacity. As air is drawn in at the top, an automatic dust extraction system ensures continuous cleaning of the radiator. Dust is extracted downwards. Soiling of the cooling fins is reduced significantly.


Good accessibility for maintenance and care tasks.

The engine platform can be reached easily via the access ladder. The radiator package can be folded up for cleaning. It is also possible to remove the air filter without tools. As a result, daily engine maintenance can be performed quickly. Service lighting on the ladder, the tank filling point and under the engine cover allows maintenance tasks to be carried out safely at night, too.

TERRA TRAC. More ground protection in the field.

Thoroughly proven in practical use.

CLAAS has offered its proprietary TERRA TRAC system for over 20 years, and there are now countless TERRA TRAC drives in use all around the world. The CLAAS TERRA TRAC has proven itself in practical use time and time again, even in the most challenging of conditions.

At home on any road.

Today's traffic conditions make it increasingly difficult to transport large machines on public roads. What's more, the permitted width of vehicles transported on public roads is limited by national road traffic regulations.

A total of four different TERRA TRAC tracks in three widths are available for the various LEXION models. This means that there is a suitable TERRA TRAC for every requirement.

A TERRA TRAC Rice with a drive width of 890 mm is available for the LEXION 770 and 760. The LEXION 760 also attains a road speed of up to 40 km/h with this drive.

At a glance: the TERRA TRAC crawler track assembly.

  • Transport width only 3.29 m (LEXION 760 / 750)
  • Transport width 3.49 m (LEXION 770)
  • Soil protection: 66% lower ground pressure than with wheeled machines
  • Improved traction (maize/rice/wet conditions/slopes)
  • Greater stability on slopes (side slopes)
  • Less drive resistance, less slippage, lower fuel consumption
  • Longer operating times, better seasonal performance
  • Fully suitable for road travel at 30 or 40 km/h

A new dimension of comfort. Hydropneumatic suspension.

  • The drive wheel, land wheel and support rollers are counter-directionally pivot-mounted; hydraulic rams with an integrated pressure reservoir support the suspension
  • This results in automatic levelling at speeds above 2 km/h for improved stability on corners
  • Three different chassis heights can be set in CEBIS

More manoeuvrability. The 4-link axle.

Four links for exceptional manoeuvrability.

LEXION – a commitment: to the active pursuit of new solutions. This design, developed and patented by CLAAS, sets new standards with two outstanding advantages. It ensures unrestricted mobility, even with large tyres up to 1.65 metres high (30"). And it provides exceptionally high stability and load-bearing capability. Rather than responding to uneven terrain like a conventional swing axle with just a swing motion about the suspension point, the new 4-link axle also features a lateral movement. This gives the 4-link axle considerably greater flexibility with a small tuning radius.

CLAAS LEXION 4-link axle / 2013

30" tyres up to 1.65 m high.

The greater contact area results in a reduced track depth. So you are protecting the ground not only with TERRA TRAC at the front, but with the unique CLAAS 30" tyres on the rear wheels.

  • Tyre size 500/85 R 30
  • Tyre height up to 1.65 m

Tyre pressure control system for steering axle.

In order to provide even greater traction, the steering axle of the LEXION 770 – 750 can be equipped with a tyre pressure adjustment system. The operator can then easily adjust the tyre pressure from the cab via CEBIS. If the required tyre pressures for road and field use have been stored, the appropriate setting is applied automatically when the on-road switch is actuated. As an alternative to using CEBIS, the tyre pressure can also be adjusted manually in the field by means of a toggle switch mounted in the cab roof.

Lowering the tyre pressure in the field reduces soil compaction and slip while increasing traction. Adjusting the pressure for on-road operation increases directional stability while reducing wear and fuel consumption.

  • Tyre technology for long-term soil protection.

    Intensive joint efforts between CLAAS and renowned tyre manufacturers have led to the development of this tyre technology.

    Outstanding benefits: the tyres improve on-road mobility. Their significantly greater contact area provides more traction, less slippage and lower fuel consumption for travel, and the lower tyre pressure reduces ground compaction, making a sustainable contribution to improving soil structure.

    Tyre sizeStandard tyresSVT CHO Continental
    800/70 R 32bar2.41.6
    Tyre sizeStandard tyresMICHELIN CerexBib
    680/85 R 32bar2.9


    800/70 R 32bar2.41.6
    900/60 R 38bar3.01.7

  • Facts and figures:
    • Tyre pressure can be reduced by between 0.6 and 1.1 bar with full load capacity compared to standard tyres of the same size – this represents a reduction by 35%
    • The tyres have the contact area of standard tyres two sizes larger, providing 22% more ground contact at the same transport width
    • Tyres on drive axle: 900/60 R 38, 800/70 R 32 and 680/85 R 32, tyres on steering axle: 620/70 R 26 and 520/80 R 26
  • Hydrostatic ground drive.

    The hydrostatic ground drive of the LEXION can be controlled extremely easily with the multifunction control lever without the need to operate a clutch or change gear. The series of hydrostatic drives is characterised by increased efficiency. You benefit because the power saved is available for use by the rest of the machine, the overall result being greater efficiency in operation.

    Thanks to the electrohydraulic control system, the LEXION can be equipped with the CRUISE PILOT for automatic forward travel control.

    But whether used in manual or automatic mode, it drives like a luxury car with such a high level of operating comfort that performance is enhanced immediately.

  • Drives like a car.

    When driving on-road, the LEXION 770 and 760 models automatically reduce the engine speed based on the position of the ground speed control lever for even lower fuel consumption during travel. Of course, the full engine power at the rated engine speed is available when moving off.

  • Differential lock.

    If, under extremely wet conditions, the wheels begin to slip and spin, the differential lock can be used to redirect the drive torque: from the wheel which is spinning to the one with better traction. The ability to enhance traction in this way ensures that progress can continue to be made even when the ground is wet.

    The wheeled version of the LEXION 770 model can be equipped with the differential lock.