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The CARGOS 8000.

In operation all the year round.

On the market since 2015, the CARGOS 8000 shows what it can do in both contracting operations and on family farms with their own equipment.

The CARGOS 8000.

In operation all the year round.

On the market since 2015, the CARGOS 8000 shows what it can do in both contracting operations and on family farms with their own equipment.

Loading | Discharging

Loading the smart way.

Functional structure.

Stability is particularly important for operations in chopping or wood chip production mode. Made from 3-mm-thick, hot-dip-galvanised steel, the scraper floor is extremely sturdy. Metal guide strips and heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant scraper floor chains push the material towards the rear.

Mechanical chain tensioning ensures that the required tensioning force is available at all times, and the bolted scraper floor rails can be easily replaced if required. The front grilles are angled backwards by 5° for an even better crop flow. Generously sized slits ensure the driver enjoys optimum visibility.

Filling flap folds hydraulically towards the front.

The CARGOS is equipped with either a rigid front plate or a filling flap that can be folded forwards hydraulically by 90°. The flap has an additional comb to prevent any forage losses during operation as a loader wagon. And during chopping or harvesting operations, it can be pivoted forward to provide plenty of free space. The filling flap is also equipped with an integrated, adaptive automatic loading function: an angle sensor identifies the deflection of the filling flap and activates the scraper floor accordingly. The hydraulic pre-tensioning pressure which activates the flap angling can be individually set. An additional load-sensing bolt on the rotor drive, recording the torque, is optionally available. The combination of these two sensors guarantees optimum filling of the wagon and the full use of the loading volume.

The automatic articulating drawbar control allows you to load cleanly on hilly terrain.

Available on all CARGOS 9000 and CARGOS 8000 models: the unique automatic articulating drawbar control, and the automated blockage clearance that was awarded the DLG silver prize at Agritechnica 2013.

As an option, different positions can be set for automatic actuation of the articulating drawbar in either load, transport or headland modes. In addition, an automatic articulating drawbar is optionally available for all CARGOS dual-purpose wagons. Active regulation of the articulating drawbar in load mode ensures there is always enough space between drawbar, rotor and pick-up, and therefore ideal crop flow, even on undulating terrain. This reduces the driver's workload, increases throughput and reduces the strain on the pick-up.

Clearing blockages.

In the event of a blockage, the chopper housing lowers automatically and the blade holders are extended. An acoustic signal alerts the driver to the need to stop the vehicle. The driver can then manually activate the drive shaft and the chopper housing and blade holders return to their working position.

Using the full available capacity.

In wagons with metering rollers, a sensor on the lower roller triggers the full signal and limit switch to disengage the scraper floor. In wagons without metering rollers, this function is performed by a sensor on the tailgate locking mechanism. An optionally available ultrasonic fill-level sensor measures the distance between the crop and the tailgate. When it sends a "wagon full" signal, which is displayed on the control terminal, the scraper floor is switched off automatically.


Installing the metering rollers is simplicity itself, thanks to the dual-purpose wagon's modular design. The optional metering roller module comprises three metering rollers and the complete drive train from the main transmission. The metering rollers, equipped with ultra-strong tines arranged in a helix formation, have a diameter of 460 mm. Their role is to ensure optimum unloading and forage distribution.

The metering roller module offers the option of torque-controlled unloading, where the scraper floor speed is gradually reduced when the drive train of the metering rollers exceeds a set speed. This speeds up the unloading process and reduces the operator's workload. When the metering rollers are not required, the module is easily removed in a mere 15 minutes. This further increases discharge speeds and boosts the payload by 0.5 tonnes. Insert sheets are used to seal the holes.

Rapid unloading.

The hydraulic scraper floor drive system, which is safely integrated in the C-profile, is available in one- or two-speed versions in the CARGOS 8000 and 700 models and comes with two speeds as standard in the CARGOS 9000.

The continuous drive shaft is supported in the middle to ensure reliable discharge, even with heavy loads. In unloading mode, the scraper floor can be pivoted up into a horizontal position to allow fast, residue-free discharge

All CARGOS dual-purpose wagons have a wide-opening tailgate with an adjustable opening angle. To allow full use of the available performance capacity of the metering rollers, the discharge speed can be individually increased at the first scraper floor speed level. The discharge process is further assisted by the tapered body configuration, opening 5.0 cm to the rear.