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Engine and transmission.

Outstanding hydraulic performance.

A range of options.

With its enormous hydraulic output, the NEXOS has been specially engineered for high-intensity operations with attached implements or implement combinations. It comes with two hydraulic pumps as standard. The full 59 l/min from one pump is dedicated to the spool valves and rear linkage. The second pump supplies the steering.

For applications with particularly high hydraulic requirements, the NEXOS can be fitted with a 3-pump hydraulic circuit which achieves a delivery rate of 85 l/min. In this case, the third pump supplies the rear linkage exclusively at a rate of 26 l/min. The steering, spool valves and rear linkage are supplied independently, making it perfectly possible to perform several overlapping functions.

Mechanical or electronic spool valves.

Your NEXOS can be equipped with up to four mechanical spool valves, including one with flow control. For maximum convenience it can also be fitted with four electronic spool valves which are easy to operate using the ELECTROPILOT joystick and two rocker switches. In the top-end model, eight hydraulic connections are available at the rear of the tractor and six for front-mounted implements.

The power within.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 3.1 t (VE max. 2.6 t) at the ball ends on the rear linkage, the NEXOS can cope with just about any implement. A hydraulic lift rod and hydraulic side stabilisers are available for the VL and F models, providing high-precision implement guidance, particularly over sloping terrain. The rear linkage in both the cab and platform versions of the NEXOS is available with a mechanical or electrohydraulic TCE 6 operating unit. Whether mechanically or push-button operated, the external controls on the mudguards allow safe, rapid implement attachment.


The folding front linkage with integrated front PTO enables various implement combinations to be used and greatly reduces the number of passes. Combined operations reduce time requirements and costs and boost efficiency.

Engine. A powerful combination.

Lively and efficient.

Both engines meet the stringent requirements of the Stage IIIA (Tier 3) exhaust emissions standard, using internal exhaust gas recirculation, turbochargers, charge-air coolers and mechanical fuel injection. The high-torque engines exhibit extremely lively response characteristics, enabling the tractor’s full output to be harnessed in all applications.

The right speed for the job.

A range of PTO speeds is available to ensure that you can access the right engine speed for every job. Maximum PTO speeds are reached at a fuel-efficient, high-torque engine speed of 1,950 rpm. In 540 ECO mode, the full PTO speed is available at 1,650 engine rpm, reducing fuel consumption during light work such as fertiliser spreading.

The product range includes a ground speed PTO for specialist applications. Regardless of the implement attached – for example, a fertiliser spreader or mulcher – the PTO is always engaged very gently, with either hydraulic or electrohydraulic support.

CylindersCubic capacityOutput at nominal engine speed ECE R 120
240 F, VL4450074/101
230 F, FB, VL, VE4320065/88

Transmission. Gear shifting the way you like it.

Choice of four transmission variants.

With four transmission variants to choose from, the NEXOS offers the perfect solution for every user:

  • 12F/12R with mechanical reverser
  • 24F/24R with mechanical reverser and mechanical splitter
  • 24F/24R with mechanical reverser and TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift
  • 24F/12R with REVERSHIFT hydraulic reverser and TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift

The 24 gears deliver the ideal speed in all types of operation; for instance, a minimum speed of 340 m/h is possible at rated engine speed. The TWINSHIFT power transmission enables each gear to be selected effortlessly via a push button on the gear knob and without interrupting tractive output or engaging the clutch. All NEXOS transmissions have been engineered to minimise power losses, meaning you benefit from maximum efficiency and reduced fuel consumption.

The all-wheel drive is push-button activated and electrohydraulically engaged. To avoid unnecessary tyre wear, the all-wheel drive is automatically engaged and disengaged at over 14 km/h. It is also automatically engaged when braking to ensure a higher standard of safety on the road. This means that your NEXOS can be safely brought to a standstill at any time.

With REVERSHIFT, you can forget about the clutch pedal.

1 REVERSHIFT lever for rapid and comfortable turning manoeuvres, particularly at headlands or when stacking boxes.

2 Clutch button on the shift lever for effortless gear changing.

Short maintenance times. Long intervals.

Fresh air.

The cab air filter is easily accessible from the exterior and can be cleaned very quickly to ensure an ongoing supply of fresh air to the cab. All the materials used in the cab are highly robust, resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Ready in an instant.

When the NEXOS is called upon to give its all in hot, dusty conditions in narrow rows or orchards, everything needs to be right. Daily maintenance work must be as straightforward as possible, since we all know from experience that nobody likes having to face complicated or awkward tasks.

Thanks to its one-piece bonnet, the entire engine compartment can be accessed at the flick of a catch. The air filter is directly accessible, allowing it to be quickly checked and cleaned. The radiator slides out, and the air filter can be removed in no time at all. When required, radiator surfaces can be cleaned quickly and easily, reducing downtime to the absolute minimum.

Easy to maintain.

The NEXOS boasts particularly long maintenance intervals. 500-hour engine oil change intervals reduce downtime and costs. The hinged opening in the bonnet is also extremely convenient and enables the fuel tank to be accessed and filled with ease.